Your authoritative guide in business and employment law matters

Excellent Employers Care For Their Business As A Whole

Employment law practices – a major focus of this law firm – are a significant part of a bigger picture for many clients of the Crone Law Office in Sacramento. General business operations deserve careful attention along with recruiting, hiring, and pay and benefit practices.

I am attorney Brian Crone, and I advise my clients who are business owners and managers in business formation, growth and expansion plans, and other areas of business law.

Staying Balanced Strengthens Your Business

In my personal life and in my law practice, I strive to maintain balance. Balance in business law often means recognizing the interrelated nature of legal matters of interest, including:

  • Labor and employment law policies and procedures
  • Contracts, including offer letters, employment agreements, noncompete/non-disclosure agreements, and independent contractors’ agreements
  • Business transactions, including asset purchase agreements, development and management agreements, E-Commerce Website Development and Services Agreements, license agreements, software/hardware master services agreements
  • Commercial real estate, including development/review of commercial leases and purchase/sale of real estate.

With nearly 25 years of experience advising business owners as frequent clients, I am equipped to help you with a full spectrum of interrelated issues that may have an impact on your business.

Address Business Law Challenges That Demand Solutions

The Crone Law Office can be your all-purpose legal solution resource as you navigate the world of employment and business law. I am often the attorney whom my employment law clients turn to for other business needs, including intellectual property rights and protections. I look forward to meeting with you and learning about your goals and concerns.

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