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Understanding Your Responsibilities As An Employer

I am attorney Brian Crone, and I welcome the opportunity to help you, an employer, comply with California’s stringent employment laws for your employees’ sake as well as for the health of your business.

From Crone Law Office in Sacramento, I am available to advise you to help you create a fully compliant workplace. Bring your questions or let me know of your agenda when we meet to discuss topics such as the following:

  • The prevention of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation claims
  • Compliance with all state and federal mandated leaves of absence
  • Devising through compliant employee policies and agreements
  • Developing severance agreements and avoiding wrongful termination claims
  • RIFs, layoffs, and plant closures
  • Compliance with workplace privacy rules, as well as California’s strict privacy laws.

Employee Rights Are Employer Mandates

I believe in the power of balance as the preferred way to achieve goals. I promote awareness of the other side of the coin when counseling employers about state and federal employment laws and regulations. In other words, when I counsel employers, I make sure that they understand their employees’ rights according to local, state and federal laws. Once employers grasp both sides of the coin, staying in compliance becomes more achievable.

Some key areas of employees’ rights that you should be aware of as an employer and business owner or manager include the following:

Wage and hour rights: You should understand minimum wages in your geographical area, concepts of equal pay, and your responsibility to pay for meal and rest breaks. I am available to counsel you on pay and benefit requirements according to local, state and federal laws.

Health and safety rights: The nature of your business will have a lot to do with specific health and safety practices that you should understand and implement day by day.

Disability and unemployment insurance rights: I can advise you on how to stay in compliance regarding workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance and paid family leave (PFL).

The right to take legal action without suffering retaliation: If an employee complains about sexual harassment or expresses intentions to take legal paid time off, you must not retaliate by demoting or discharging that employee. Let me counsel you on how to stay compliant in this challenging area of life as an employer.

Start With An Employer’s Compliance Inventory

The brief discussion above of employees’ rights is not comprehensive and may not address the most critical areas of compliance for you to be aware of. To request a customized strategy session pertaining to your unique circumstances, call 916-302-0614 or complete an online inquiry form.