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Protect Your Business’s Intellectual Property

A profitable business relies on many areas of strength, including the protection of intellectual property (IP). Protecting your business’s IP is essential to the integrity of your business and its ability to endure and grow. If a competitor infringes on your property rights or a former employee divulges company secrets to outsiders, your business could suffer immeasurably. It pays to stay vigilant and use all available legal tools to protect your business’s IP.

I am attorney Brian Crone, the founder and sole practitioner at the Crone Law Office. I am well positioned to provide you, an entrepreneur or seasoned business owner, the advice, guidance and assistance that you need to protect your vital IP assets.

How I Can Help

Over the years, I have helped countless business owners:

  • Register and maintain trademarks
  • Protect trade secrets and other proprietary/confidential information
  • File for copyright protection
  • Advise regarding noncompete agreements and agreements not to divulge company secrets to others outside their companies

As you start, ramp up or operate a business, numerous challenging issues demand your attention every day. It can be difficult to stay on top of all the legal matters that you should be paying attention to. I welcome the opportunity to fill in the gaps that large corporations take care of with in-house counsel. Many of my clients own or manage small to medium-sized businesses. These businesses’ IP protection needs are just as essential as those of major corporations.

Don’t Risk Setbacks To Your Business Through IP Infringement

If a competitor or former employee violates your IP protection rights, they may cause setbacks or harm to your business. To prevent such damage to your business, you should have an attorney represent you in complex and often critical IP matters.

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