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The Top 10 Employment Issues To Know for 2021

by | Jan 2, 2021 | Firm News |

  1. California Family Rights Act is significantly expanded to include businesses that employ 5 or more employees.
  2. Notice Obligations for COVID-19 Exposure: AB 685 and New Cal/OSHA Rules
  3. Labor Code sections 230 and 230.1 re: Victims of Crime or Abuse Leave Requirements Expanded to Afford Additional Protections for Employees
  4. New requirement in CA that companies with 100 or more employees must submit specified pay data to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing
  5. Minimum Wage Increase
    • $13.00/hr for employers with 25 or less employees.
    • $14.00/hr for employers with 26  or more employees.
    • The increase in minimum wage requires employers to evaluate pay for exempt employees and for companies that require employees to provide own hand tools.
  6. Ensure your anti-harassment policy includes a link to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing’s website address for sexual harassment training materials.  The website address is
  7. Kin Care: Employees are solely responsible for designating kin care when they utilize sick leave.
  8. Expanded Timeframe to File DLSE Complaints
  9. Continued creation of exemptions to CA’s AB-5 Independent Contractor/Employee Classification law
  10. COVID-19 Worker’s Compensation Presumption For Employees